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Rockit Rocker rotating bracket

Rockit Rocker rotating bracket


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Our new Bracket rotates so that the Rockit Rocker can always be mounted vertically – pointing directly up. You can now mount it high up on the frame or handle, to give the most efficient rock and increase battery life. It also helps the Rockit to work more effectively at lower speeds.

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Features a new screw thread to tighten / loosen on the stroller. Easier to fit and get a tighter fixing.

This is compatible with both our new Rockit Rocker (rechargeable) and the old Rockit Rocker (AA battery version).

A spare bracket for the Rockit Rocker. Great if you wish to switch quickly and easily between different strollers or would like one for the grandparents’ or childminder’s stroller! Supplied individually packed in a poly bag.

Single bracket only – Rockit Rocker and stroller not included, soz.


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