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Pure Beginnings

Pure Beginnings believes in keeping your skin as pure as theday you were born by providing high quality, effective,organic skin care products that care for you and yourfamily’s skin, and are not harmful to the environment givingpeace of mind from the beginning. Although Pure Beginnings is a skin care brand with organic personal care products for the entire family, its origin wasfirmly rooted as an organic baby and kids skin care brandthat was established in 2007. Since then Pure Beginningshas been the leading and most trusted baby and kids organic skin care brand in South Africa. Over these past 8 years, this family owned and run business has worked closely with Mothers, Midwives and Child Birth Educators to develop a skin care range that meets the needs of babies and kids using the purest and safest natural and organic ingredients.
In 2014, Pure Beginnings became the first South African baby and kids brand to certify organic products through ECOCERT Greenlife France*, one of the most widely accepted regulatory organisation for organic products in the world, and internationally recognised as leaders in cosmetic organic certification.Pure Beginnings, as an accredited partner of Phytotrade Africa, specialises in creating products that combinetraditional herb botanicals with some of Southern Africa’s most beneficial and powerful plant ingredients. Phytotrade Africa is a non-profit trade association that promotes thepreservation of Southern Africa’s biodiversity through sustainable production and biotrade amongst rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a quarter of the world’sbiodiversity in Southern Africa, Phytotrade Africa works towards protecting this biodiversity for the benefit of currentand future generations.Pure Beginnings products and the ingredients contained in themhave not been tested on animals. We are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa and have Vegan accreditation.
What we do:

Use ingredients that have been approved for cosmetic useby ECOCERT Greenlife
Use ultra mild surfactant that don’t strip moisture from the skin
Support African communities and biodiversity conservation through ethical biotrade
Consider the beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin and work to optimise the good ones by:maintaining the normal pH of skin (4.5–5.5)
using mild surfactants
supplementing with a prebiotic food source that only thebeneficial flora can feed on
Ensure our products are all rapidly biodegradable therebybeing environmentally and water course friendly
Use recyclable packaging
Register with the Vegan Society, Beauty without Cruelty and Phytotrade Africa.

What we don’t do

Test on animals. We are completely animal friendly
Use any ingredients prohibited by ECOCERT Greenlife such as:Any petrochemical derived ingredients or mineral oil (propyleneglycol/PPG/PEG, petrolatum, mineral oil)
Parabens (Methyl, Propyl/Ethyl/Butyl)
Sulphated Surfactants (SLS/SLES)
DEA (Diethanolamine) / TEA (triethanolamine)
Phthalathes (hidden under“Parfum”or“Fragrance”)
FluorideSynthetic Colourants & Fragrances
Use any chemical disinfectant such as Triclosan

*Not all products carry organic certification, only products that are indicated as Certified Organic with Ecocert ontheirindividual product pages.

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