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KiETLA is a French brand, founded in 2010, in Pornic (44), 100% frenchy in other words.

What inspired us to create this attractive brand of accessories for kids was above all the chemistry between our 3 young-at-heart partners: Anne-Charlotte Le Grand, Alix Gayet-Laraison and David Angibaud, who have always been friends.

Having become savvy entrepreneurs, we wanted to bring different vision to the childcare market (which is sometimes too conventional). The originality of our approach: At this time, none of us three had any offspring yet…

Ki ET LA and its lines of ingenious, trendy lifestyle accessories thus emerged.

With a made in Paris design, style is inevitably central to each collection! But what matters even more for us is to cater for children’s comfort while at the same time protecting them..

We launched our first sunglasses for kids in 2010 with the watchwords : Design, look and well-being!

It was the DIABOLA* frame which thrust us to the forefront of the stage: it has won over all parents of toddlers, it won the École de Nantes Design award and was even acclaimed by the Les Maternelles TV programme on France 5. #VeryProud

**Pair of reversible sunglasses to adjust to the morphology and development of the nose of infants (from 0 to 18 months of age).

5 years later, the sun is still shining over our heads… So it’s time to protect them with a new collection : The KAPEL range of so trendy High UV protection hats, trendy which we hope will mark another new stage in our history.

Our core values are inspired by yours!
As parents, while we obviously want toddlers to look nice and feel comfortable during play, we above all want them to be protected; and that’s what we try to achieve every day at Ki ET LA.

Innovation and quality: Our watchwords!
Our role is to create innovative, functional and attractive products, all with a real concern for quality! As far as we are concerned, innovation is there to serve practicality. Our products and their materials are selected for their quality.

Responsible: Eco-friendly and ethical approach
Since it cannot address the well-being of children without respecting their planet, Ki ET LA has adopted for an ethical, civic and environmental approach.
Limiting our ecological footprint is at the forefront of our concerns through simple, eco-friendly initiatives: the use of a fully recyclable material (apart from lenses) for our range of sunglasses, the OEKO-TEX certification for textile and the use of fully recyclable cardboard for our packaging and displays.

Relax, Max: Comfort and practicality!
Our accessories take the comfort of toddlers seriously!
As proof, one of our trademarks: Ingenious and practical systems (smart securing, unbreakable, safe product, 100% Oeko-Tex cotton anti-UV material, innovative features, etc.).

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