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FLO Black Heavy flow period pants, size XL

FLO Black Heavy flow period pants, size XL


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We teamed up with Netflix’s global sensation – Sex Education – to bring you the most empowering celebration of self-love, self-expression and self-exploration! Our reusable pants are washable and hold up to 5 tampons’ worth of menstrual flow, giving you all the comfort and support you need. 


Our pants feature a sustainably-sourced cotton from the Better Cotton™ + feature a triple-layer that absorbs up to 5 tampons’ worth of menstrual flow.
Our period underwear is designed to be worn like normal underwear. The difference is our magical gusset 🪄!

The gusset is made of three protecting layers: a wicking layer, an absorbent layer and a bottom BCI cotton layer.

These ensure you stay leak-free and comfortable during your period – cool, right?

The best way to care for your period pants is to first rinse them in cold water in the sink.

After that, you can either hand wash with detergent (this will make them last longer) or wash them in the washing machine in a gentle, cold wash (30°).

They can be washed with your other clothes, so no need to put on a separate wash!

Do not tumble dry and if you can, skip the fabric softener.

Material: Body: 90% BCI Cotton, 10% Lycra
Gusset lining: 100% Polyester
Gusset inner: 87% Polyester, 13% Polyamida
Lower Gusset: 100% Polyester with TPU Layer


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