ManyMonths™ products are designed in Scandinavia, Finland with the underlying idea of offering products supporting an attachment parenting lifestyle, valuing the nature around us and bringing the joy and comfort only the most wonderful materials can bring to both babies and parents alike.

We are committed to ongoing product development. We engage babies and parents in all new projects, we use and wash and evaluate samples ourselves, and we listen to feedback from all the countries where our products are sold. We do it for You, and for our families. Our inspiration comes from the Scandinavian environment, the experiences of the wise women in our families, the wishes of our precious children and the need of filling the gap of the fashion industry and the urge of getting back to nature.

Our head designer Bettina Lindblom has three children of her own. She loves the creative process in all its stages and our products may start out as brief sketches on today’s newspaper drawn in the silence of the night, from which they turn into small patterns cut from kitchen towels and long written explanations or brainstorming sessions with her design team, coordinator Sanniminni Sakari and seamstress Tiina Juusela. From the early stages the route to the finalized product is long and involves many other dedicated and skilled people, all as valuable to the process of providing you with the high quality products we are proud to offer.

When you buy a ManyMonths™ product be assured that you have made a good choice. We care. And we are happy to know that you care too. About making a difference. About making a natural choice. About supporting ethical manufacturing. About safety, and about the happiness of your child. Knowing that your baby will be comfortable, enjoying the best materials and products that are designed by a mother and tested by families. Like you. Like us. Caring for our world – together.

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