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The origin
Director/owner of Baby Organic Star, Roy van der Doelen, became a dad to a beautiful daughter in 2016.

This bundle of joy made him look at the world and its future through different eyes. New insights, convictions and the wish to leave a better planet for all children, made him decide to bring sustainable baby products to the market, under the name Bambyo.
Bambyo follows a ‘ closed-loop-systeem ’. for all its products. This means that our materials are organic and biodegradable.

The production process is environmentally friendly and almost all materials will be reused and waste material is collected and processed by a local processing company. With this we support our sustainable thoughts for people, nature and animals.

All Bambyo products are 100% eco-friendly; our nappies, wet wipes and skin care products have been produced sustainably and are made from natural materials.
Bambyo baby products are internationally certified and produced adhering to a closed-loop-systeem. With this, sustainability for people, nature and animals is guaranteed. We do not test on animals and do not use child labour. We produce eco-friendly high performance baby products at competitive prices.

Bambyo= honest; to you and your planet!
Why Bambyo

Because all Bambyo products have a biological basis and no chemical additives, they are extremely suitable for children. As all Bambyo baby products are internationally certified, you can be sure of this!

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