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PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY Organic Argan Concealer Stick 10 gr, Fair

PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY Organic Argan Concealer Stick 10 gr, Fair


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Conceal and heal skin disruptions with our Organic Argan concealer.
Designed to carefully disguise dark circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections you’d rather the world didn’t know about.


We’ve infused Organic Argan to aid skin repair and reduce the appearance of imperfections, Japanese Oryza oil to brighten dark circles and ethically sourced minerals provide antimicrobial protection, encouraging a clearer and healthier complexion with regular use.
Long-lasting formula that can be used solo or layered with any of our foundation formulas.
Application Tip: Hold the concealer against your skin for 10-20 seconds to soften prior to application.
Skin Boost: Organic Argan oil aids skin repair and is rich in Vitamin E. Organic Jojoba hydrates. Japanese Oryza targets discolouration.
Suitable for eczema & coeliacs | Suitable for pregnancy | For all ages & genders.


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