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MIYA moisturizing and smoothing Curl Styling Cream, 100 ml

MIYA moisturizing and smoothing Curl Styling Cream, 100 ml


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Textured, defined and bouncy curls with no weighing down. Helps your curls last longer, makes styling easier. Moisturizes, nourishes, smooths the cuticle, combats frizz. Does not weigh hair down, is not sticky. The hair is buoyant, soft and pleasant to the touch.

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  • Shea butter: noticeably nourishes and makes hair stronger, protects it against damage.
  • Safflower oil: increases elasticity of the hair / reduces brittleness, makes it bouncy and shiny.
  • Ashwagandha adaptogen: moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes the hair, protects it against external factors.
  • Viola tricolor extract: improves hair condition, hydrates it.
  • Vitamin E: protects hair against damage, improves its condition.

Use as you like:

  • wet to nourish, define and style curls,
  • dry to revive curls and tame frizz,
  • before using rollers/curlers to get your curls last longer.

Directions for use:

Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of cream to clean, damp hair from roots to ends or to the ends only. Scrunch your hair to activate the hair curl. Let your hair air-dry
or use a blow-dryer with a diffuser. If necessary, apply the cream to the dry hair, too. Use the proper amount of the product, depending on the length and type
of your hair.

Test-proven multidirectional results:
1. Defines and enhances your curls and waves.
2. Helps the curls last longer.
3. Smooths the cuticles and combats frizz.
4. Moisturizes, nourishes the hair, makes it less brittle.

96%  natural origin
0% unnecessary ingredients

Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, without unnecessary ingredients. Vegan. Can be used by pregnant and lactating women.

Results confirmed by tests:

100% of people confirmed that the curl styling cream:

  • Brings out the curl and redefines it
  • Defines and enhances curls and waves
  • Prevents frizz and tames the hair
  • Gives quick results.

95% confirm that after using the product, the hair is easier to style, less tangled, and the effect of curls is long-lasting until the next wash.

100% of people confirmed that the curl cream makes the hair soft and pleasant to the touch, and 95% say that after using the product, the curls are bouncy, glossy and full of shine.

After 4 weeks of regular use:

Application tests have confirmed that the curl cream improves the condition of the hair and makes the hair moisturized, nourished, strengthened, and the hair breakage is reduced, according to 95% of respondents.*

Instrumental tests confirmed that the hair structure is reconstructed, hair is stronger, hair cuticles are closed and the hair surface is smooth.**

* Application tests carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist.
** Instrumental tests using the ASW camera (magnification x500) carried out after 4 weeks of use.



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