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MIRA 100% natural hempseed and geranium oil, 50 ml

MIRA 100% natural hempseed and geranium oil, 50 ml


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This subtle blend of hemp oil and ginger essential oil is an excellent s&eacute rum, purifying and revitalizing your skin. Very pampering thanks to the hemp oil, it’s an easy product to use, like a cream.


Our anti-aging care.

Alpha-linoleic acid (Oméga-3):

Essential fatty acid. The body needs it, it doesn’t produce it naturally. Your skin needs it even more. Omega-3 is the most sought-after of the essential fatty acids.

Linoleic acid (Oméga-6):

Essential fatty acid: your body needs it but doesn’t produce it. The Hemp of the Secrets is full of it! Its nourishing power is incomparable.


The last of the essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, give it suppleness, repair it.

Vitamin A:

The natural antioxidant, to fight against external aggression and protect your cells. You need it, you seek it for your immune system, hemp oil is in full! Powerful.


To éliminate blemishes and anything that attacks your skin. Effective.


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