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MIRA 100% natural Baobab Oil, 30 ml

MIRA 100% natural Baobab Oil, 30 ml


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The pure and natural baobab oil “Into the Baobab” offered by Mira is priceless, rich and precious. Once tested on your hair, you will never want to change to anything else. Applied to your face, you will no longer imagine your beauty routine without it. This oil is unique. It comes from the baobab tree of Madagascar. It is cold pressed in an artisanal way, with respect for man and nature. It nourishes, strengthens and tonifies your skin and hair fiber.


What are the strong points of Pure Baobab oil?

Rare and precious
Rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9
Versatile: can be used on the skin and hair
Presented in a 100% recyclable bottle (made in Europe!)
Untested on animals

Why choose the Baobab oil from Mira?

Pure and virgin Baobab oil comes from Madagascar from a species of Baobab that grows only on this island in the Indian Ocean. 100% natural, it comes from family know-how and is cold pressed.

Its virtues are numerous and it is applied to the body, face and hair like a pre-shampoo mask. Thanks to the presence of Omega-6 and Omega-9, this oil is nourishing. Palmitic and stearic acids give it a softening property. It perfectly treats dry or dehydrated hair and skin in need of a boost. Slip it into your holiday kit, it will be very precious to you in case of (too) strong exposure to the sun. This oil is not chemically treated, its quality is exceptional.


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