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MIRA 100% natural and pure Camelina oil anti-agening, 30 ml

MIRA 100% natural and pure Camelina oil anti-agening, 30 ml


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Camelina oil is widely used in cosmetics and wellness for its softening properties and as a natural antioxidant. Its anti-acid virtues make it a very interesting ingredient that you can find in balms, soaps, and care products for sensitive and delicate skin. We recommend it for infants, because the composition of the oil (many omega 6) makes it very well tolerated by the body. The nocircuit comes from organic farming, which allows you to use it without fear with your baby. It is therefore a very good ingredient in anti-aging face creams, products for pregnant women, and care for fine hair, which it will sublimate wonderfully!

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Use it in the morning in place of your day cream, its dry texture makes it an excellent makeup base.

On the body, it makes a perfect massage oil base.

To take it a step further: add a few drops of essential oil for added sensoriality.

Camelina oil should be kept in a cool, dark place.
This oil oxidizes more quickly than our other oils, we recommend using the oil within three months of opening. The active components are less effective after that.

The composition of our oil is simple: 100% camelina oil (camelina sativa seed oil). Its origin is close: Picardy, France. The softness à the pure state.

Linoleic acid (Oméga-3):

Essential fatty acid. The body needs it, it doesn’t produce it naturally. Your skin needs it even more. Omega-3 is the most sought-after of the essential fatty acids.

Linoleic acid (Oméga-6):

Essential Fatty Acid. Your body needs it but does not produce it, it needs external inputs; it is because our camelina oil is richly endowed with it that it is so nourishing! Omegas 6 are very complementary to their counterparts 3 and 9, this oil has all three!

Fatty acid (Oméga-9):

The last of the essential fatty acids (after oméga-3 and oméga-6): to nourish your skin in the long term, restore its suppleness, repair it.

Vitamin E:

The natural preservative. No need to add or chemical, vitamin E is naturally present in camelina oil. Anti-acute care is this vitamin.

Vitamin C:

The most sought-after of the vitamins. Not produced by the human body, it is nevertheless it that restores éclat, élasticity; and brilliance à your skin, naturally.

Your questions about camelina vegetable oil

How to use camelina oil

Camelina oil is used pure as a day care, applied directly to the face or hair.

On the face, it is an ally of sensitive skin, prevents skin aging, thanks to its composition rich in vitamin E and omega 6 (an essential fatty acid, ie not naturally produced by our body).

Use it pure (a few drops are enough on the face, then massage with the pulp of your fingers), or mixed with other natural ingredients such as moringa oil or prickly pear oil, also very useful to fight against the signs of aging.

As a hair mask, you can put some on your tips and lengths, let it sit for 30-40 minutes, and rinse with your usual shampoo. The little extra tip? Rinse your hair with cool water to tighten the hair’s scales.


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