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DILLING Baby merino wool wrap bodysuit LAVENDEL, size 56

DILLING Baby merino wool wrap bodysuit LAVENDEL, size 56


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A soft and comfortably light wrap for your newborn baby. It has a close, but comfortable fit and will not restrict any of your newborn’s movements. The merino wool is naturally thermoregulating and very breathable, which means this bodysuit can be worn for both playtime and naps throughout the day. This wrap bodysuit is perfect for your newborn as it doesn’t have to be pulled over the baby’s head. You simply lay down the bodysuit on the changing table, place your baby on it, and then wrap the bodysuit around your child. The poppers on the side and bottom make it easy for you to change your baby and leaves plenty of room and flexibility for changing in and out of the suit.

Material weight: 225 gr/m2

Material: 100% organic merino wool. Mulesing free wool: Yes

Layers: Base layer

Multi rib

Made from our signature wool quality, the multi rib is characterized by an irregular, beautiful rib surface.

All our multi rib products have received a unique 10-hour environmentally friendly enzyme treatment, which leaves you with an incredibly soft and itch free product. The knitting technique offers medium stretchability, which essentially means that your multi rib products will stretch when worn, but the wool fibres will contract again after wash. The wool fibres are raw (untreated) which means that the naturally insulating and moisture absorbing properties of the wool are kept intact.

DILLING’s wool is unique. Our wool is produced without chlorine and plastic (Superwash).
To keep the wonderful, natural properties of the merino wool fibres intact, machine wash your wool clothing on a wool setting at 30°C (a low spin cycle of 800 is preferred) or hand wash in lukewarm water. Remember to always use wool detergent.
If you handwash your wool, do not leave the wool clothing to soak as this will damage the wool fibres. Rinse in clean water. Do not wring. Instead, gently press the water out. Hang or lay your wool clothing to dry on a drying rack.
Machine wash on wool setting at 30°C
Hand wash
Use wool detergent
How to store your wool
To protect your woollen clothing from moths, wash them at the end of the season. When they are completely dry, store them

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