Deki Babybalanz automatic stroller rocker

Deki Babybalanz automatic stroller rocker


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Sometimes life can be challenged after new baby born in the house.  It is hard to find time to do elementary things like cook, clean, take a nap, rest, shower or take care of other family members.  It is especially hard when your baby only sleeps in moving stroller.

We promise you that Babybalanzz will give you some time to breathe.  Rock your baby in to sleep in the stroller and put Babybalanz on. Leave the stroller in the balcony or somewhere you can keep your eye on. You can let the Babybalanzz do the job and rock the stroller for you. Babybalanzz movements are smooth but still effective to keep your baby sleep.

Product has won many international awards and our employees found it also very helpful after baby was born.

Please read following article, which stroller rocker is more suitable for your needs:


Deki BabyBalanZ is an automatic, very light and really easy to use rocker. Its ergonomic handle and low weight enable effortless portability. You can use it both at home and on your outings or trips. BabyBalanZ’s speed simulates an adult’s heartbeat and helps calm your baby.

Its system is universal and it can be used in most buggies or strollers. It also has a discreet and contemporary design that fits perfectly with the line of your buggy. Its rounded and smooth shapes additionally ensure safety.

We are selling this product in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia.


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